Top 10 Online Free Classified Websites in India

Why give away for free?

Why would you give your item to a stranger for free?

Well, Why shouldn't you? In this big bad mean world, give some hope to people, be the change that you want. After all we all have finite time on this planet, Our sole purpose is to make our and other's time on this planet good, comfortable and happy.

You can give your items to needy individuals or NGO's NPO's .

According to statistics and research a major portion of food, consumer goods and other items end up in the trash without being used or consumed. We live in a world of limited resources it is really pointless to just buy things that we don't need and keep it without making any use of it. Passing it on to someone who can use it is really a humanitarian approach.

For instance,
Let's say you have a lot of glass bottles lying around your house, If you throw it away it will end up in garbage and not be recycled, If you try to sell it you get very less money, Why not give it to an artist who could convert it into something beautiful like a lamp?

Reasons to Pass it on!

  • Reduces Carbon footprints by recycling & Reusing.
  • You are contributing to the welfare of your society.
  • You will make someone happy!
  • You will feel great about yourself.
  • Good deeds always come back to you.
  • It might even get you a good friend.

Start giving and see the joy of giving away!
Let's create better communities together