What is passiton.in ?

Passiton.in is India’s first “FREE” item sharing website where users can give and take items for free! We connect the donator to the receiver.

A lot of good Samaritans want to give away their stuff that they don’t need instead of throwing but often don’t have the time to search a suitable recipient for their items. Passiton makes it easier by connecting the donator and the receiver by acting as a platform.

We all have things that are lying around in our households just taking space and really doesn’t serve us any purpose and are one of those things that can’t be sold or thrown away to garbage because it can still be used by someone, So we are stuck in a dilemma whether to throw it away or give it to someone. So, The best humanistic solution is to give it away to somebody who is in need, It could be an individual or an NGO.

Instead of just throwing away “Still useable” things, Why not pass it on to an individual or an NGO who could use it for a good purpose as responsible human beings? You are just passing things after you use it to a fellow human being, By doing so you are contributing to the welfare of the society and the environment by recycling and reusing plus you are making someone happy, What better reason do you want to pass it on ?

Here are a few things that we just throw away without thinking,

Glass bottles

There are a lot of artists who convert regular boring glass bottles into pieces of arts by converting it into a Lamp or a decorative thing.
Next time,Pass on your Glass bottles on our website!


Finished your study? You’d just throw away your academic books to your local “paperwaala” after all you just hate it right?
NO, A better solution for getting rid of your books is to pass it on to a student.
Next time, pass your books on our website!


We often buy or receive clothes and accessories that aren’t our size, What are you going to do with it? You don’t feel like throwing it away, It just takes space in your wardrobe forever and ever, A better approach for this is to pass it on to somebody.

And the list goes on...

“Instead of throwing away things or selling it for little money, make the choice to PassitOn as a responsible human being”