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Passiton is an online platform to get rid of unwanted but useful items in a meaningful way. Items such as books,clothes,furnitures,electronic gadgets can be given to needy people and organization through our platform. It is completely free to use and free from ads.

What you can do

With Passiton

Donate Items

Using our platform you can pass on unwanted items to the next person who can use it or simply give it to an organization

Take Items

You can browse through items listed on our platform and collect it from the donator, Your next favorite book might just be here, Once you are done using it you can put it back


You can post your requirement and anyone who wants to give it away will contact you

Discover our App

We are launching our Mobile app on android and IoS in the coming days, Watch this space for more information

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Do more with our app


Connect with NGO's and Non Profit Organizations

We are a bridge between donators and recievers

Over the years we have distributed thousands of items which would have ended in a trash can to organizations and needy people, Now you can donate unwanted items in your household to someone who can make use of it.

Passiton connects the General Public to the needy by acting as an online platform for donators and receivers. Passiton India provides a web platform by channelling the donated items to the needy or anyone who can make good use of your unwanted item. Anybody in India can donate their stuff as long as they are in good working condition.

Schedule a pick up when you want

Why throw away when you can passiton?

Passiton is India’s first free stuff website that offers items like Books, Clothes, Gadgets, The project seeks to cater a meaningful way to distribute unwanted, but useful items to benefit the needy (Books, clothes, home applia nces, home furniture, Gadgets etc.) With Passiton, your used item can be given a new lease of life, and to better the life of needy individuals or NGO’s NPO’s.

A lot of good Samaritans want to give away their stuff that they don’t need instead of throwing but often don’t have the time to search a suitable recipient for their items. Passiton makes it easier by connecting the donator and the receiver by acting as a platform.


Post your requirement

With the new app you can post your requirement on the wishlist page, For instance if your NGO needs a laptop you can post it on our app and anyone who wishes to donate it will contact you.

Passiton can also be used to reuse items like Books, Once you are done reading a certain book you can post it on our platform for someone else to use it and hopefully they will continue the chain.

Join causes that we support

We frequently organise events such as Tree Planting, Cleanliness Drives, Flea markets etc

You can join us to support environmental causes and help us create better communities.


How does it work?

  • 1
    Create an Account

    Register with us for an account by verifying your phone number

  • 2
    List your item

    You can start listing your items on our platform once done a nearby organisation or a needy person will contact you, upon your approval they will come by and pick up the item from you.

  • 3
    Choose from a number of NGO's

    We make sure that we only bring in legitimate NGO's in our platform, They are required to give the donator an update on how their item was used.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do i have to drop of the item?

No, Usually the person who receives it will come by and collect it from your doorstep

Why give away for free?

The answer being that, although selling an object obsolete item for a miniscule manner makes sense according to economics, but we believe that all among us can agree to the fact that not all in life is governed by the law of economics and the joy of giving is one of the most simply earned joys in life. And the satisfaction of doing something good for someone completely unrelated to you can be one of the most enlightening feelings known to man.

Does passiton take items?

NO, We do not collect any items and distribute it, We only act as a platform to connect donators and receivers

Are all the items on passiton for free?

Yes, all items listed on passiton will be free to take, Nobody makes any money here, It works on trust and goodwill.

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*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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